Catching up

So here's some fun photo's {a little random} to help catch everyone up on everything we've been up to.  Most of the pictures have captions near them, so look on to get the update's.
I've had so many random projects to do, and I'm so glad they are all finished.  Now I get to take a few months break from that kind off work.
Again, a little random, but lots of fun and silly things this kid has been doing.
Mostly pics from this past weekend and week.  We've been busy at work to get this house in order.  I'm sure Tyler will be so glad once this baby comes and I relax a bit.  Because he's been working his tail off around the house for me.  Love you Babe!!!!
Then FINALLY, a new picture of the Nursery.  Again showing Tyler working on something.  This is just one more sneak peek.  The closet is basically done, that's why I decided to show that part of the room off.  I'm still working on the changing table area and above the crib.  But can I just say how much I love this room?!?!  ..............................I LOVE this room!
Tonight is my shower and I am so excited for it. It started off just being a 
friends shower put on by Molly & Ashley. Then my sister asked if our side 
of the family could be added to it. THEN... my MIL asked if we could just add 
their side of the family too. WOW! It's gonna be a little bit bigger then we 
had originally planned but hey, the more the merrier, right! I can't wait to get 
all the fun NEW girly things.  

Anyway, have a wonderful day and hopefully it won't be too much longer 
before I update again. But I can see me taking a bit of a break from here on 
out. We'll see.  



Jenni C. said...

I LOVE this room too!! You are amazing!! Eliza was sitting on my lap as I was reading your post and she asked if we could have that room. I want it too. I love your idea for a closet. Too clever. I always love twinkle lights and I'm in love with the color scheme. Good work!! Good luck with the new little one. I can't wait to see pictures and hear what you name her.

Becky said...

The room is absolutely darling--I am continually amazed by your talents (and Tyler's handiness)! You are awesome!

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

Oh my gosh, that room is absolutely to die for. I could never have an open armoire- it would always be too messy! You have such a knack for colors that go well together. I can't wait to see it in person.
I won't be able to make it to your shower tonight... I'm so sorry! Really wanted to be there. have a great time and looking forward to pictures showing all the loot!

Charmaine said...

Hi there! I'm a friend of Mindy's - She told me I had to stop by and check out the pics of your nursery! That room is just so dang cute! Good job!

onehm said...

It's ADORABLE! I'm so excited to see even more progress. I'm going to have to drop by again this weekend to see more of what you've done! I see you found a place for that DARLING mirror. You are seriously the most amazing decorator. :)
The shower was such fun! I'm so glad that we could get it all together for you. You got such nice things! YAY for baby Lola!

onehm said...

Holy COW! I just saw on your baby ticker that it's only 9 days until your due date! WOW. I had not realized how close you are!!!! :P
SO exciting!
We have to do belly shots this week!! Call or email me!

Becky said...

WOW!! Like, my jaw is open! Amazing baby room. And I must ask, are the blue scallops painted on or are they paper/decal because they look kind of 3 dimensional in the picture. So excited to meet the mistress of this room!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

holy cow! stinking cute nursery! you have flawless taste!

domestic bliss said...

Hey Cami- I am so sorry I missed your shower! Dan has strep throat now- so I have been a single parent for the past few days- YUCK!-
I hope it was grand- I have a little something for you- I will leave it for you at the studio-

The room looks so adorable!- MORE MORE MORE shots please!

Anonymous said...

I dont even know how I got to your blog but that has to be the best baby room ever!

Jillian said...

the room looks GREAT!!! I love the pink mirror! Good luck with the labor and delivery and the crazy transition of having 2 kids!!!!

Micah and Jen said...

Oh my goodness it's adorable! Of course it is....how could it be anything but!?! This girl is soooo lucky to have you for her mama....she will always be decked out and super adorable....I can't wait to see her!!!!