Kids Say The Darndest Things!

So here's a few things heard around our house lately by Toms.  I need to post them otherwise I'll soon forget all this cuteness.
{Photo by Little Jill}
  • When asked to clean up his toys, he looks at me and answers, "In a minute" while putting his fingers up and shaking it at me.
  • While driving in Tyler's new car, "Daddy's Car Awesome".
  • Last night I accidentally called someone an Idiot, he then repeated "Idiot...Idiot...Idiot".  Whoops on my part!
  • "Mommy watch this!", followed by a silly face, a raspberry or him jumping on the couch.  He goes on with this game for about 10 to 15 times before I am able to stop watching.
  • "No go home." Anytime we are out and about if he thinks the trip is coming to an end he starts to continually say this, even if I say we aren't and that we are going somewhere else.  He really doesn't like coming home.
  • But then he will also say, "I'm Ready" anytime he wants to leave somewhere we are and he's ready to go home.  Make up your mind kid!
  • His cousin taught him to say "That's Disgusting".  He said it about the chips we were taking to Sunday night dinner last night.  He obviously doesn't understand the meaning of it.
  • "I toot", this is said ALL the time lately, then he will say "excuse me".  At least he's getting that part down.
  • Anytime he doesn't get something he wants he starts to say "Please Mommy, PLEASE!    Please.......... mommy please......Ple-ase!"  It's so cute, but I'm usually pretty good about keeping my word.  He hates that!
  • Anytime I'm on the computer or crafting he asks me, "Mommy Working?".                           
  • In the mornings when he wakes up he crawls over the top of me and says "Mommy, Up!".  He continues to repeat this until I finally roll out of bed.
  • Then when I walk into the bathroom to use the facilities he stands at the edge of the carpet until he works up the courage to run to the toilet to be next to me.  While he's walking briskly towards me he says "It's cold, it's cold!".  He is referring to the cold tile on his feet.  It's so cute!
  • Anytime you ask him what color daddy's car is he reply's "Brown".  We are working so hard to get him to learn the color red, but nothing.  We think he may be color blind.
  • When he is trying to go to the bathroom {#2}, if he's a little backed up he sits there and says "Push it out, push it out".  It's pretty hilarious!
  • Last night we had an unopened 2 liter of Dr.Pepper sitting on the counter and he was asking for some juice.  When he saw that he started to ask for "Pepper".  Saying "I want Pepper, I want Pepper!".  Don't ask how he knows what that is.  We don't usually have that in the house, but it was leftover from the Super Bowl parties.  Smart kid!
  • The other night we went to Culver's for dinner and he wanted some of "mommies juice".  So I gave him my cup and he took a sip then looked at me and asked "Root Beer?".  And yes, it was Root Beer!  
This is about all I can think of right now.  He is seriously talking so much, it's so fun to sit and actually have a conversation with him.  I can't believe how big and how fast he is growing up.  It's sad in a way but fun to watch all these new phases in his life.


Micah and Jen said...

I've been documenting this stuff with Gabe too because I really didn't with Cam and Austin and now I can't remember when what they did or when and I am so sad about it....but I am making up for it with the others! :) Toms is just too cute!!!

Becky said...

Great to write these all down--they love to read them as they get older. I think it gives them lots of validation that they are loved and valued. You do a great job at this!

amy said...

Well, if Clark is truly his idol - then he just may be color blind!