Christmas Memories...so far!

I've decided to copy Miss Ashley and make a little list of my own memories from each day in December this year.  So here goes nothin...
On the 1st day of December:  We took family pictures with ALL the in-laws.  Very fun but also a little crazy, as always.  After that we had Hope's Annual Waffle Extravaganza at her place.
Family Pics
Family Pics
On the 2nd day of December: I got my hair cut, not that exciting, but it's what I did.  Then later that night I had enrichment and we had a service project for needy children.  We cleaned and packaged old toys for them to open for Christmas.  It was so nice to give myself to service.  That's what the season is all about, right!  Then, Toms was a able to get his hair cut also.  He looks so cute with short hair again.  It was getting pretty shaggy!
On the 3rd day of December: We did a little more decorating around the house, and went to El Charro with Granny & Papa.
Front Tree
 Tyler had to work late so he finally made it home around 10.  Then I was able to go to bed by 10:30, so nice!
On the 4th day of December:  Toms & I ran a million errands.  I had a class that evening so I needed to run all over the place to get all the supplies.  Toms loves running errands with me, then we came home and put up some more decorations and played outside.
The Tree
We took a nice afternoon nap then waited for Tyler to get home.  I taught a class at the Studio then came home and cuddled up in front of the couch to calm down for the evening.
Stay tuned for the rest of the month, hopefully I'll get the chance to post every day.


onehm said...

Your tree looks AMAZING as usual! So pretty...

Can't wait to keep reading about your month!

Hale Yes!! said...

You are seriously so so photogenic!! You look amazing in that picture of you and Toms and Tyler!! Of course you always look so good though!!

Sheri said...

I want to hug your tree.

Sarah and Jon said...

Cami, your treee looks beautiful! do you remember me? Sarah Wilson? Here is my blog if you want to see:) miss you!