Happy Halloween!!!

What a fun day!  I just love Halloween, all the candy and fun!  After cleaning up Toms room and then getting ourselves ready for the fun evening we headed out to Phoenix to meet up with my family for a photo shoot at Duke Photography.  We go there every year on Halloween because they offer a free picture to all the little kiddos that are dressed in their spookiest best.  Anyway, that's always a treat trying to get all the little ones to smile at the same time.  But it actually wasn't that bad.  After that we all headed back to Mom's house for a yummy cornbread and chili dinner as tradition goes.  We sat around talking for a bit letting the kids play and have some fun in their costumes.  They went trick or treating in my mom's neighborhood a little bit and the Mom's stayed back to rest up a bit.  Then once they returned from a few house in her hood, we all drove over to my grandparents house to do a little trick or treating in their neck of the woods.  They are always so excited to see all the kids dressed up and visit with the adults for a bit.  So we sat and once again let the dad's take the kids up & down their street for some treats.  The best is that there is one house that gives out FULL size candy bars and we went to that one twice!  A Butterfinger & a Payday! yum!
Then it was time to head back to our side of town.  We stopped off at Tyler's Grandpa's house to say hello and show off Toms fun little costume.  We sat and visited with him for awhile and had some yummy donuts and cookies.  Then Tyler's Parents stopped by as well as Hope, Spence, Tiff, Dan & Lissa while we were there.  It was a fun party.  Everyone else had already stopped by earlier in the evening {All the other siblings}.  Anyway, after that...  we headed over to the Barneys house to see what was going on over there.  they were actually just leaving to go and round up all their kids from the neighborhood so we said hello for a moment then stopped by the DeCrows house after that.  They were just returning from their trick or treating so it was perfect timing to stop in and take some cute pics and chat for a few minutes.  Then finally it was time to head home!
Halloween Night
WOW, what a day!  Toms was having so much fun seeing all his cousins and friends and driving all over the place.  We thought he would crash right away but instead I guess he got interested in the movie we started to watch and ended up watching the whole thing with us.  It was The DaVinci Code.  Great flick!  We had only seen it once when it first came out so we decided to turn it on and before you know it your totally into it.  We were up until 12:30, Toms too!  Crazy kid!  Anyway, Hope everyone had a great Halloween.  And honestly, I'm ready for it to be over!  Now, I'm ready for Christmas!!!!  When can I start to put all those decorations up???
The candy! 

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