Arizona State Fair

In keeping up with fun fall traditions we headed over to the fair with my family on the opening night.  We must always get some fry bread and dollar night is the perfect time to do it.  Of course, most of the rest of the world was there that night as well, but we seemed to make it out alive.  The Fair
A. Toms & Buff riding a mini train.
B. All of us oogling over Joey's Lego collection he entered in the collection contest.  He even got second place, er, Jimmy got second place.  Jimmy loves putting Lego's together, what a big kid he is!
C. Waiting to go through the house of mirrors.
D. Jimmy & Joey posing in front of their collection.
E. The Collection of Star Wars Lego's.
F. Audrey freaking out while being lead through the house of mirrors, and Mom cracking up.
G. Nice photo op while waiting for the kids to ride the big slide.
H. Mom & Sweet baby Macy.  Her first fair experience!
It was fun but very crowded and gives us the right amount of white trash to last us until next year.  Ahh, how I love Downtown Phoenix, the old hood, home sweet home!

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