Dane's Birthday Lunch

So as if we hadn't had enough of each other, we all met up Monday for lunch @ Rosa's to Celebrate Dane's Birthday.  {Note: there are a lot of September birthdays!}
Dane's Birthday
It was great fun and it all came together so fast and everyone was able to make it!  Even Papa who works on the way other side of town!  Toms was being such a ham for the camera, as always and just making everyone laugh when he would hold the camera up to his face and say "Cheese" as if he was taking a picture.  So cute!
After wards Alyson & I went into Fallas Parades to see if there were any good bargains.  They actually had a ton of good accessories throughout the place but I had to leave because I really needed to go to the bathroom... and I WASN"T going in there!  Anyway, stop by if you want to search out a few good deals.
So, Happy Birthday Dane!  Hope your day was filled with lots of laughter, good company and yummy food.
{Also, Jeff I told you I was going to put that picture up!}

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Ashley said...

wow I forgot how much I miss all of you guys until I check on you all. I have been so bad about checking blogs but so much has gone on. Jills having a boy! Definatly made my day and we just seem to be on the same baby making schedule, congrats on the new one on its way. Keep in touch. i don't know if you are on my blog invites but if not email me your email at curt.ashley@gmail.com and I will add you.