California Post #2

This was our first day at the beach, and just as I expected, Toms loved it.  He was such a mooch whenever someone would get any kind of food out he went right up to them and made them his new best friend {as long as they would feed him}.  Here he has a granola bar, yumm, I shared it with him.
He and Tessa were having a great time playing in the sand together.  See the video for some live shots.  They were both so incredibly sandy, it was so gross.
He was totally striking a pose for me!
and again, loving the sand, can you tell?  He's eating goldfish here, not mouths full of sand.  Although sand was part of the handfuls.
Having lots of fun on the beach!  I had to get into some of the action.
Monday night we treated ourselves to the ever so yummy "Jay's Gourmet Pizza & Seafood" in Carlsbad.
I had the Halibut, yummm!!!
A great photo before dinner with the DeCrows!  We were waiting for the other's to arrive so we had a little time to kill.  It was a great night out without the kiddos, after dinner we went yet again to Target.  This time for a fun game to play back at the house.  
Stay tuned yet again for even more California fun!  
We go to Disneyland next!

The last scene in the video is the best.  The girls all came back from walking down to some fun shops and of course we left the kids with all the dad's.  Well, when I came walking in, all the dad's were sleeping and the kids were running a muck all around them.  They had all gone golfing earlier in the morning so they were a little worn out, but this scene was just too much to resist taking video of.  Sorry for any of you guys who may be embarrassed by it.

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Andrea said...

Ahhh the joys of sandy kids! ha ha

BUT they're having FUN!!! What else matters? :)