California Post #1

Well here we are in Cali!  We went to Oceanside again this summer because the boys all signed up to volunteer at the U.S. Open.  We rented the same house as we had last year with a few different families going in on it with us.  We really missed not having Marlo, D & Onehm & Fam joining us.  Hopefully next year everyone will be able to make it again!  Anyway, we did have the DeCrows, Kenny & Jill, Spence & Tiff , & Us {Plus kids & 2 babysitters!}.  There were 19 of us total in the house and it was a great time! 

 The first day we got there and unloaded the cars and just vegged!  We finally got the energy up to do a little grocery shopping {always a treat}, and order some pizza's for dinner.  Later all the adults decided to go for a run along the beach.  Even Tyler!  Yeah, crazy, I know!  I rode along side the crowd on a bike with toms in the child seat behind me.  It was lots of fun seeing everyone trying to keep up and hearing the conversations between each runner.  Good times.  Note: This was the one and only night that this happened.  
On Sunday we got up and found the ward there in Oceanside and went to their Sacrament meeting.  After that we got some lunch and then headed to Target of all places, on a Sunday.  We headed back to the house where Tiff got her clippers out and started going down the line of kids for haircuts.
Townsend was not too thrilled with the clippers going through his hair.  We had to keep shoveling fruit snacks into his mouth to keep him happy.  I think they fed him like 6 packages or something throughout the hair cut.  But after he looked so handsome!
Then it was Tommy's turn.  He was also not liking the clippers, but his didn't take nearly as long as T money's.  So Toms only had like 2 fruit snack packs throughout his haircut.  He got a little fo-hawk.  It's so darn cute too, thanks Tiff!
Later we headed down to Baskin Robbins for some yummy ice cream.  I took a fun pic of Seth & Kate.  They could hardly stand waiting for their ice cream.  
Toms & I shared my absolute favorite flavor EVER, Pink Bubble Gum!
Here's a couple of video clips of the first few days of the trip, stay tuned in for more later.


Matt and Jennae Porter said...

You guys are all over the map this summer! I was just out in San Diego too, my dad and brother went to watch the Open, and of course had TONS of fun. That's awesome that Tyler got to volunteer there. My dad said all the volunteers got really cool shirts =)

Ashley said...

Just wanted to say that I LOVE BUBBLE GUM ICE CREAM!!! Looks like you guys had a great time in Cali.

Jen said...

Looks & sounds like so much fun!

sarbear said...

sounds like a wonderful trip. but my most favorite part was where you said you brought 2 babysitters. aMAZING idea. every vacation with kids should involve babysitters. :)