I guess I've been doing it all wrong...

I unfortunately took advice from Kramer and have been putting him to sleep in our dresser.  So glad I found the correct instructions!  Thanks Johnny for clueing me in!
I was cracking up with this one!
Whoops, you see this Onehm?  
This actually looks like a good time, I'm sure the baby would catch on.
I've been "Caught" doing this every day of Toms life.
I know way too many dad's that think this is appropriate!  
I love how the illustration of the dad is totally cheering him on.  Crackin me up!
Whoops again.  Hee, Hee!  At least they aren't saying anything about Benedryl or Tylenol.
How often does this happen?  Maybe not with the poop but with anything else on their faces.  I always take the bottom of my shirt and wipe things off his face.  Wonder where the kids get that from?
Again, I think eventually the baby would catch on.  
The little arm hanging out is a crack up.  

I just had to post these, they made my morning a little brighter!  Thanks Johnny!
Have a great day!


Andrea said...

those are silly & fun! thanx for the laugh!

molly said...

hilarious. love your commentary... LOL

Cicily said...

I completely disagree. I think a chest of drawers is a fine place to sleep, it muffles the crying. Also, fingers are the clear choice for clearing noses.

domesticbliss said...

You are HYSTERICAL!!! I love this- too funny.
We are running a little drawing so be sure to stop by-
Have a great weekend!

Crystal Star said...

We have a onsie with the "Playing with Baby" one. If you've seen Troy throw our babies to the celing you can understand.