A Day in The Life...

Tuesday was a very eventful day!  Here are a few of the highlight's...
Toms found my bike chain in the back yard while playing with Province.  She comes over on Tuesday's to play with us for a little bit and Toms LOVES it!  
He was such a greasy mess!
What a dirty little boy!  But he thought it was hilarious, good thing we were able to take a bath shortly after.  Check out those hands, gross!
Province knew Tommy was in trouble!  What a great "Oh No!" face!
But how can you be upset at someone so cute?
Around 2:00 I went to get my haircut and Darcy at Hair-Do, curled it up for me when she was styling it.  She uses THIS curling stick from Tigi.  It rocks the curls on long hair!  I soooo need to have one!  It's the easiest thing to use and your hair really holds the curls.  Pardon the no makeup day.  I'm really going out on a limb posting that picture.  
Don't look too close, Hee, Hee!
Later that evening, Hope a.k.a. YaYa invited us over for pizza and Rock Band with Spencer, Tiff, Seth, Tessa, Lissa, Dan & Camden.  It was such a blast, I Rocked the mic and had so much fun trying to learn the drums.  Dan is quite the master guitar player, getting 100% more then once.  I'm not so good at the guitar, but am always up for the vocals!  Again, I was not expecting any pictures to be taken so I didn't bother putting make-up on, thus the reason I'm trying not to look at the camera.  By this time of night I really wasn't looking pretty, but, what are you going to do?  
Spencer was hilarious playing the vocals and the base.  Go Spence, so very multi-talented, he looked a little silly with the mic stuffed up his shirt but we haven't invested in a mic stand yet.  I'm sure it's coming soon, til then this is how you need to do it.  
I am loving Tommy's facial expressions!  A regular Slash!
Toms was seriously jammin' out on the drums!  Thanks YaYa for hosting such a fun evening!
Ready to Crash!  It's been a very busy day!
I still was able to get a little time in for me to make a new LO!  I used a kit from Tangie's store that will be released early next week.  It's called "The Bounding Main".  Everything in this Lay Out is from that kit.  Get it while it's hot!  Go HERE for Credits!
Thanks, & Have A Wonderful Day!


Andrea said...

Ok WOW! I just LOVE all the pictures! Greasy mess, too cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair!! You look beautiful! Apparently I need one of those curly thingies cuz I can't get my hair to hold curls very easily.
Rock Band looks like so much FUN! I need to try that & guitar hero. We're hooked on xbox karaoke (the new American Idol version).

Oooohhh Looks Like I'm going to LOVE Tangie's new kit! Fabulous layout!

Cicily said...

Busy day. Your hair looks super cute curled up like that, dig it.

sarbear said...

your hair looks straight out of a pantene commercial. gorgeous. i was just thinking yesterday that i might have to go against all i had decided about my life and try curling my hair again. oh course, i couldn't even attempt it without one of those ceramic curling irons. how super rad are those???

molly said...

Love your day in review... all the pictures are too cute!