Gigi's Treasure's

Today I had the opportunity to go over to my Grandma's house and get some of the goodies that she has been giving out to all her grandkids. My sister has already gone and posted a ton of picture's of all the great stuff that she got so now I can show off all my loot! Thanks Grandma! I love it all!
I got a lot of lacy napkins and place mats as well as a runner for the middle of the table. Here are just a few. You'll start to get bored if I show everything.
Some gorgeous lace that I'll have to find something to do with.
This is a silly toy that has always been in her toy cabinet that every little kid has played with one time or another. I thought this would be a fun thing for Toms.
Silver espresso cups with little stirring spoons. I think they are darling. Maybe good for sherbet in between courses.
This was one of my favorite finds! This is about two yards of Vintage Marimekko fabric from 1964. I see reprints of this stuff all the time and here I have the original stuff. Very cool!
A glass pitcher, that's just nice to have.
A picture of my dad next to my Great, Great Grandfather's picture.
A fun scarf
Some silver serving pieces
A brown clutch.
A few old books
This is a table decoration for like a kids birthday party. It's so old, i had to take it for something.
This is a little hokey, but fun non the less.
Tea Cups that were her mothers. A great heirloom piece.

Fun Jewelry
I plan on painting this a different color.
I have always loved these two posters in her home. La Boheme is my absolute favorite opera! If you ever get a chance to see it I highly recommend going!
I got about 15 of these punch cups. Every Christmas Eve Gigi makes homemade egg nog and serves them in these cups. Hopefully someday I can carry on that tradition with these.


Dave's Wife said...

sooooo FUn! lOOKs liKE youR GranDMA haD sOME eXCEllEnt tasTE! BuT the BESt onES ARE thOSE wiTH senTIMENtal VALue- THOse arE tHe REAL finDS ;0)

Andrea said...

how cool! your grandma has some neat stuff! that's awesome that she's giving her stuff away to grandkids! and you get to pick. everything is so pretty!

Webb Family said...

What a fun stuff! It makes me want to hold on to more of my stuff.

sarbear said...

marimeko.... oooo.... so jealous. and those old books? love'em.

Kristy said...

I can't believe you got the eggnog cups! Man I should have been there on Saturday! Fun stuff, where did you find the elephant? I totally want that, maybe we can trade something? And you are right, i am way jealous about the material, punk!