ASU Fight Song!

This is just a little glimpse of some of the things that go on over at my in-laws house on Sunday nights. Notice Marilyn's head drop down when Tom says hell. Also how Tyler and Spencer never really grow up and how they are still trying to tell their mother what she can and cannot do. Love it when Amy points out how silly Tyler looks when he's running in place and Tyler defending himself by saying that it was because of him he was running faster.

I must say that I really do enjoy having these fun moments to share with all of them. I really do love my in-laws and all the craziness that follows!

Go Devils!

(Sorry it looks so bad, it's just shot on my little camera)


Evan and Cara Fish said...

i love all of your little details - they make it all so real! I love that family!

amy said...

Too much fun! And I'm glad you have Tyler in is Sunday socks on film. At least I'm just high-stepping and not doing a little dance :)

Bear said...

I like the guy on the floor trying desperately to watch the game on TV. Why were they singing the ASU fight song? Is this a weekly ritual at the Wright house?

JP said...

See my blog Monday for a 'Sunday Night In-law Comparison'

Andrea said...

Hey that video is funny!

Thanks again for the FUN Halloween party! We had a great time. It was really good to meet everyone! We would've stayed a little longer, but Ben (stormtrooper) was really wanting to get out of his costume. He's never sat so long wearing it before. ha ha.

I saw the pics from previous years. Looks like every year y'all have a total blast! Good job on the decorations & everything!