I hate stupid people!

So on Saturday I went to downtown mesa to walk around some of my favorite shops looking for a present for my sister for her birthday. Well after like 2 hours of walking around I was exhausted and ready to go home only to find this when I got to my car. Who is freakin' dumb enough to double park someone? How inconsiderate! I was so annoyed after even 5 minutes that I totally called the cops and had the guy towed! What a moron! Anyway, to all of you double parkers out there, be careful cause if you ever park me in I won't hesitate in towing ya'll! Anyway, 40 minutes total it took me to get out of there. Idiots!


onehm said...

Uh, that's totally crazy. This is AZ, land of plentiful parking! No need to double park here, dude!
Good for you taking care of business, girl!

Evan and Cara Fish said...

Good for you! I would have done the same thing! Really, what the?!

Kristy said...

I love that you did that! YOu rock, I also love that you had your camera... Great blog material!