Girls Night Out And Sleep Over, Phase 2!

Here they are getting ready for bed. They fell asleep watching "The Little Mermaid".
Emma built a tower in the hallway.
I set up a tea party for them to enjoy their lunch. Before hand they all got themselves ready in my room by putting on my make-up and high heels with matching purses.
The girls couldn't stop kissing toms with all their lipstick on. From my make-up drawer of course. It was a fun day and Toms had such a great time being entertained by all the girls. I had a big mess to clean up afterwards but it was worth the fun memory! Thanks for playing with us girly's!


Jen said...

Okay--you are just too super fun! I want a sleepover at your house too! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you tons! Gracie had the time of her life. Now when is Tyler taking the boys golfing?....I won't hold my breath!