Toms thinks it's his new club!

Well maybe this is telling us something? Will Toms be a golfer when he grows up? He sure did love holding Tyler's new golf club the other day. Don't worry Tommy it won't be long before you'll be playing next to your dad! I plan on having a lot of alone time when he is old enough.

Maybe he will actually be able to play and not just think he can play. Tyler said that he is starting to realize that he is not a very good player. I'm thinking lessons aren't too far off!


Kristy said...

Diggin the new look, someone was busy last night! Just wait til he starts swinging that thing, your house is not exactly baby proof, or golf proof. Lots of breakable stuff, watch out!

onehm said...

I love the gut hanging out of his shirt (true "old man golfer" form) and that his is totally smiling behind his binky!!
Too cute.

Lindsey said...

I just got my dress from the layers place and I love it. Hope you got some cute stuff.