More of the house!

Here is my kitchen. It is one of the things in the house that we really didn't do much to. We took the cabinets down off of the wall and down between the two rooms to help open up the space. As you can tell by now my accent color is powder blue. We even painted our ceilings that color. Here I have the kitchen decorated for Christmas with the ornaments in the glass canisters and the pink antique reindeer on the top shelf. I LOVE my blue kitchen aid and the pastel platters on display were from crate and barrel last summer. My glass jars are from Z-Gallerie and the white porcelain pieces are mostly from west-elm. My absolute favorite things in the whole house are my champagne flutes and water goblets shown here. The are pink and fabulous! I bought them at anthropologie when I was working there and got a great deal on $20 a piece glasses. I cherish them. You know if you come to my house and I have them set on the dinner table that you're special! They are my favorite pieces in the whole house! No joke!

This is part of my laundry room, I was able to get one wall in my house with wall paper on it. It just had to be somewhere my husband wouldn't be looking at. I love it! I know how hard and annoying it is to take wall paper down, but it's making a come back!!! There are so many cute patterns it was really hard to choose, but I love my choice. I only wish I could do more. Maybe someday I'll be able to talk my hubbs into it. The Soak letters were purchased at anthro, and the shelving is from ikea.
This is directly across from my washer and dryer, you've got to have your detergent look cute, right? Under the shelves is a trash can and a laundry basket, I am totally into organized, convenient cuteness!

This is our small kitchen nook. It sits between our kitchen to the right and behind me taking the picture, is our family room. I needed it to transition well with our kitchen and the family room. Beyond the door is our dinning/living room which will sit empty until we have our saving account built up again. I bought the chairs at ikea, the table and buffet at crate and barrel, and the light at anthropologie.

Anyway, here are just a few more areas of my house that I hadn't got to blog about yet. More to come later when things get a little more done. I have so many more things I want to do to the house, I'll have to show you in stages.


onehm said...

Of course, everything is gorgeous. Love it all...
And one of my favorites is your blue ceiling. Totally awesome!
You are so talented and creative! Love all the pics!
You have to put up the ones of your fireplace...do you have any "before" so you can show the change?

liz said...

looks cool!

It reminds me of all the neat little details I saw in your mom's store once (a long time ago) but of course a differet style, etc. You must have her genes for decorating with your personality.

liz said...

you should send these shots to design mom- she loves house tours to feature on her blog!

Jen said...

So cute! Not surprising though--love the style! The blue in your kitchen is so awesome! Can't wait to see the rest of it!

onehm said...

Happy Mama's Day, girl!

Anonymous said...

Your house is so cute! I especially love your kitchen! I am a big fan of those colors. Your baby is so adorable!! That is so awesome that Tyler graduated, and that stinks that you guys got so sick.