Bugs, Bugs Everywhere!

So, literally we are infested with these little roly poly bugs or some people call them potato bugs. I have killed probably 20 of them and found countless dead ones. I guess I need to be glad that they aren't roaches or mice. Anyway, it's still annoying. Don't pay attention to how dirty my floor is. I really need to hire someone to come over, cause we all know I'm not doing it. Just thought I'd blog about it.


Jen said...

My boys would LOVE to come and visit! These are their most favorite bugs in the world and get so excited everytime they find one! Sorry they are in your house though--they only get into mine through a bug case--still not my favorite thing but they love it!

Kristy said...

YOu crack me up!

onehm said...

I found a scorpion waiting for me in my sink this morning...could be worse, right? I'd take a roly poly anyday!