Snowman Daycare/Playdate

My incredibly talented and good friend, Molly, decided to do a little drop in babysitting over the Holidays.  Well, in true Molly fashion it wasn't just a drop off and let your kids watch TV the whole time.  She went all out with a theme for each day, games, treats and lots of fun activities.  I came along to help out and join in all the fun.  I believe she may even do it again throughout the year, cause every momma needs a little break once in awhile, right!?!?
Anyway, here are some of the fun things we did.  In no particular order...
First, a little playing in the snow {shaving cream}.  The kids LOVED this!  What child doesn't want to dive into a big pile of white goo?
Then onto a little Arts and Crafts time.  Snowman style.
Lola's seemed a little down, but cute non-the-less.
Next, making a tasty treat.  Snowmen cupcakes.
After that a little "Frosty The Snowman" cartoon to finish the fun up.

See what I mean, darling!

It was also great fun because the kiddos got to see each other all together again since last school year.
Tommy loves playing with these fun friends and we don't get to hang with them enough!
Thank you, Molly for hosting such a fun play date for these crazy kids.
A great memory to add to the books and possibly a new tradition in the making?

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