Birthday Wishes

Just in case anyone may be wondering, here's a little wish list of a few things on my Birthday wish list this year. You know, in case you wanted to spoil me with pretties on my special day!

In with the new pump by Seychelles, could you just die?

Plastic Charm Necklace this seems random, but I used to have these when I was younger and I would just love to own one again to someday pass along to  Lola.  I was seriously obsessed with these!!!

 DownEast Basics Gift Certificate, I could buy anything in that store!  Some serious darling stuff right now and I'm in desperate need of some new under shirts!

 New iPhone cover, I need a new cover and this would suit me perfectly!

I would also LOVE someone OTHER then me or my husband to clean my house!
I need to get more ram added to my computer somehow
A really good facial {not sure where, but I need one bad!}
I'm always in need of a good pedicure
I would also gladly accept Gift Certificates to any of the following establishments:  

Home Goods
Home Depot
Domestic Bliss

Again, just incase you were wondering.  wink, wink!

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