Non First Day of School

So Tommy's birthday is at the end of September, leaving him behind as all of his little friends start school today.  We tried to get him tested in to be able to be the youngest in his class and start school this year with his group of friends, but alas, he didn't pass.  Leaving him home today with little old me and the littles.  I'm sure it will be best in the long run, but seeing all his little buddies get ready and start school today is making me a little blue for him.  Luckily, he doesn't seem to know what's going on and his day is going just as normal.

To all you kids starting school today, good luck and hope it's a great year!  While we sit at home sad because all our friends and cousins are back to school leaving us without any more play dates.  :(


Jill said...

I don't know what you decided to do with him, but my friend found a FREE montesorri for pre K kids on Lindsay/Southern. let me know if you want more info. And I could also ask my girl's preschool if they have any openings--I think it's $120 a month

Jenni said...

that is so sad....and my girls will be in the same boat as Tommy...but they will still have eachother to play with...I mean, fight with! :)

karen said...

oh well--at least you consoled him with some strawberries. :)

Charlotte got ditched by all her friends too, as they are all starting kinder while she's in her third year of preschool.

I know that girl in yuma you went to see! I finally got to see FIRST HAND last weekend all your awesome work--I cannot wait to post the photos I took on my blog. I LOVE that ceiling wallpaper!!

Cicily said...

Gus is always available for play dates, lets play.