The Birthday Boy... er, Man

Today is Tyler's Birthday.  Where do I start?
As I contemplated this post and what I was going to write about this sweet Husband of mine, the words                  "It wouldn't work without him" kept coming back to me.  
and that's the truth, our life simply wouldn't work without him!
   He's such a blessing to me and I'm so lucky to call him mine!

I love you Babe!  I'm sure as much as you love me, which we all know is a lot!

Here are some priceless pictures showing just how great a Husband and Dad he is.
I think we'll keep him around for awhile!
 He loves spending time with the kids.
He takes me on fun new adventures!
 He drives us everywhere, whether I like it or not.
 He puts up with my incessant picture taking.
 He's extremely helpful with the children, a very involved father!
 He's super cute!
See, super cute!
 He puts the babies to sleep, and even catches a few Z's when he gets the chance.
 He loves to play and love on the kiddos.
 He's VERY handy to have around the house!
He does the dishes, Every night!
He never complains about anything!
He's just a super guy all around!  Some of the other things he does for me on a weekly if not daily basis: Cleans the floors, does laundry, takes out the trash, cleans up the dinner mess, changes diapers, helps with bathing the kids, dresses the kids for Church on Sunday, mows the lawn, calls to arrange babysitters, helps with putting the kids to bed every night, feeds Max early in the morning before leaving for work and then puts him back to sleep, trims nails, cleans out the cars, picks up toys and basically does anything he sees that needs to be done.  
He is a super help to me on a daily basis and I promise I help a little bit too! Wink, Wink!
He's the best and again I'm so happy and grateful to call him mine!
Happy Birthday Babe!  I know it's kind off a lame Birthday for you, having to work late and all, but I'll try and make up for it tomorrow night.  I love you!


Lissa said...

Happy Birthday!

Are you looking for another job Tyler? Cause I would totally hire you as my Nanny!

onehm said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TYLER aka, Brother Batman!!