I could just spend the whole day snuggling and loving this little man.  He is the sweetest.

He loves to cuddle into you and give big hugs, he clings onto my side like a little monkey as we walk through the house, we snuggle up next to each other during nap time {something that needs to stop, but I just can't help myself} and honestly, I just can't seem to get enough of him.

It's very rare that we get any alone time, with the other crazies running around, but when we do it's pure bliss.
Thanks for being such a sweet bundle of joy, waiting for your chance to be held and cuddled by your momma.  It's only right that your first word has been happy {pronounced: ahh-pi}, I love you, my little Baby Beau!
{stop growing up, I can't believe your already one, it passes so fast!}

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Jenni said...

ah. sooo sweet! And those photos are sooo awesome...i LOVE them!