Just wanting to throw out a little mention to the Wonderful Mom's in my life.

Thank you Mom for raising me to be the woman that I am.  You have always been a great example of Strength, Perseverance, Beauty, Love, Forgiveness and Service {to name a few}.  I love you and am so grateful for the service you've given me over the years.  You're the best, have a wonderful Mother's Day!
Marilyn, Mom, thank you for being such a wonderful Mother to my Husband.  Thank you for raising him with such strong qualities of Service, Strength, Dependability, Love, Sarcasm {a little bit is always good}, Faith, Loyalty and Dashingly Good Looks!  He and I are who we are today because of our Mother's and for that we are and will be Eternally grateful.

...and I have a little gift for all you Mother's out there in Blog land.  Sometime in the next few days I'll be getting you the link to download my Family Rules Poster.  Stay tuned and have a very Happy {and hopefully pampering} Mother's Day!

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Tiffany said...

I have never met your mom and I am sure she is wonderful and special. But, I JUST LOVE MY AUNT MARILYN!!! I don't think she realizes how much I look up to her and love her. She is a very great lady.