Cool Cars

Well, once again my Aunt and Uncle put a spectacular show on in Scottsdale this past weekend, with their Russo and Steele Collector Car Auction.  We had the privilege of going out to see it all.

It's been a fun date night activity for the past few years with "our gang"{seen HERE, HERE and HERE}, and this year was no exception. {note: we did miss the presence of Molly, she was in LA for other reasons concerning her little lip gloss company} But we had a great time non-the-less.

Here's a little preview of what we saw:

{sitting in the stands watching the cars come up to the Auction block}
{getting a bite to eat after walking through rows and rows of collector cars, it can be exhausting}
{Darren made a little cameo in our pic, so glad you could make it man!}

Then the next day I talked Tyler into going back out to let the kids see the excitement.  Tommy LOVED looking at all the cars and had a hard time picking his favorite.  He finally settled on this one, but refused to get in front of it to get his picture taken.
{after a little coaxing he agreed to let us take his picture, pill.}Photobucket
{he loved that this one was his size}
{we snacked on all sorts of goodies like mini donuts, ice cream, canoles and cream puffs!}

and now for my favorite car {probably EVER} that I've seen at these auctions:

wait for it...

1960 Volkswagen Custom Bus
How pimp is that?  It was the cutest thing I've ever seen!  Loved it!

Then Saturday evening, the night we didn't go, they sold THIS car for $1,705,000.00.  
Nothin' but Funny Money there!

Anyway, a great time all around.  
Thanks for the fun and Congrats on such a successful event!  
Can't wait for next year.

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