When did I get so fat?  
The things we do for kids.


Kylee and Dustin said...

Stop. What a great photo! Love all of the outfits and bright blue background. Where did you take this?

Tiffany said...

You are beautiful Cami.

I know how time and the ease of a youthful metabolism escapes us. I really thought I would NEVER be overweight - hmm, amazing how I was not the exception to the rule, imagine that. LOL

Back in January I had had enough! I had gained so much weight and hated every photo of myself and I was so uncomfortable in anything I did: sat, layed down, bent over, ate, anything! I also had a minor health scare in November 2009 that really made me realize I could not live the way I was anymore. In January I was determined to do something about it. I promised myself that I would give myself the entire year of 2010 to loose SOMETHING (actually I said 30 pounds)! I actually set goals through out the year and I started to walk with my girlfreind in January - and not bake as many goodies (huge), eat more fresh foods, salads etc. Here we are in December and I am able to run 4 miles. CRAZY! I think I have lost about 30 pounds this year. I am only telling you this because I was so down on myself and I felt like trying to do somthing about it might be dissapoointing, but it's not! It has been so rewarding to get healthy again and be able to walk around and not huff and puff LOL

Anyway you do not have to post this if you do not want to. I just wanted to let you know that I think you are beautiful and talented and if you needed a support system you are not alone! (Which I am sure you know that already)



Ashley said...

first of all I think there is a screwed up standard out there. Look at your 3 very small and cute kids. Girl your time will come. You look great and you have 3 amazing little babies to prove it.

amy said...

Part of the problem is that your husband is too skinny...I know, we've seen him in the bike riding outfits :)

Love you and those cute kiddos!

Jen said...

Ha Ha Love Amy's comment.
I have a skinny hubby too and that makes me feel that much more fat. I think our new years goal will be not for us to get skinny, but for us to fatten up our Hubby's
Ha Ha!


onehm said...

You look GORGEOUS! But I know how you feel...my body is NOT the same after having birdie, even though I've "lost the weight".
So maybe we need to do some kind of fun workout for us?? How come our hubbies can carve out "me time" to work out and we can't???
We will do it together, lady!

(Although Jen's idea is a good one too...)