Christmas Memories

Well, as you probably know, there are always LOTS of memories made around the Holidays.  Our family is no exception.  Here are a few of such activities I was able to capture with the camera.
Scottsdale Train Park 2010
FREEZING at the Train Park, cold but fun with all the cousins, a tradition we try and keep each year.  It's cheap and the kids love going with everyone.  The first year we went we waited in line for like and hour+, we got smart and showed up right as it opened on a week day instead of the weekend.
I forced everyone to stop and take a group shot, 
promising them that some day they will thank me for capturing all these memories.  
Naturally, I got a lot of annoying grippes and yawns.  Just wait, you'll see.
Luckily, we got right on the train, no wait.
This was a good thing considering our fingers were about to fall off from the extreme cold.
If I didn't take these self portraits shots, I don't think I'd ever be in any pictures.

Next up,
Wright Family Christmas Party 2010
The Sunday night after Christmas we had our annual Family Program and Dinner.  Fun had by all, lots of silly acts {even an homage to the swagger wagon videos} preceded by a Traditional Mexican Dinner.  I guess I take a lot of pictures of Lola.  My favorite was capturing the little boys taking a self portrait of themselves.  I want a copy of that picture!

Then....One of my favorite things around Christmas is receiving all the fun Holiday cards from loved ones and dear friends.  I love looking at my front entry and seeing the cards pile up day after day.  It's like a little present from everyone you care about.  When Tyler tries to make me cut my list down and send less, I simply refuse, it's far too special of a thing for me to receive, so why should I deny others of such a fun tradition.

Well, that's good enough for now.  I know we did a million other things, but I'm having a hard time remembering, this darn Mommy brain.  I swear with each child I get a little dumber!

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