This is Marlo

She has a bus.
So naturally for girls night we had to play a bit.
We cruised around the {neighbor}hood, blasted some tunes, honked at cute boys.  
You know, normal "thirty something" mamma activities.
PhotobucketCause we think were cool.
{Molly, Sarah, Lenor, Ashley, Jill, Mi, Cicily, Sheri, Marlo & Kizzy. Absent: Lindsay}

We may or may not take our Christmas card pictures in this.  You'll have to just wait and see.


Jen said...

Hilarious :)

Sheri said...

I love these girls. Who else would ditch their kids on a Friday night and party it up in an old gutted bus?

Webb Family said...

Looks like a perfect girls night!
Where did you get the bus? I have a friend who wants to buy an old bus-never thought I would see one on a blog.