New around the house

I'm always working on something.  Updating, remodeling, moving, rearranging.
So here are a few pictures of what I've been up to lately.
                                                                                                       If anyone even cares.

The kitchen nook.  
I painted the bottom side of the table with the stripes, to give it a little lift for not a lot of money.  
If I had access to a vinyl machine, it would have been a lot cooler, but I had to make do with painters tape and sharpies.  I like the way it turned out.  
Permanent table cloth that needs no cleaning.
I also found this fun pendant lamp at Goodwill one fabulous day.  
I've been wanting to put something new there for awhile 
but could never find anything within a budget of zero.  
This was a whopping $15, great steal, and my FIL installed it for free!  
Not too shabby.  
I was even able to trade my old light for a haircut and color with a friend.  
Now that's what I call thrifty!!!
I redid the table vignette.  This happens about once or twice a year.  
I just feel the need to refresh the things I look at all day long.
I've been wanting to take the kids measurements for years now but could never figure out where I wanted to do it in the house.  So it's been pushed aside until now.  
I saw this idea on a blog forever ago and finally got around to putting it up.  
Tommy loves seeing how tall he is every time we go in or out the garage door. 
I'm only sorry I didn't do it earlier to see how Lola compares in height to Tommy at the same ago.  
Oh well, at least it's up now and we can compare Max to Lola.
{yeah, I'm short!}
Got these darling melamine plates from Molly when Max was born.  
I had to display them in my kitchen.  Too cute to be put in a cabinet.  
Tommy thinks he's the top one, then Lola in the middle and Max at the bottom.
Another cute melamine plate that I love.  I hung it next to my pantry door and drew the accents around it.  I like the way it turned out and how it's not totally symmetrical.  
It adds a little personality to the hallway.
I was FINALLY able to finish my Wedding wall.  I have been waiting on a few photos for awhile now, but I finally collected all the parents and grand parents wedding photos.  I love passing by these wonderful memories and being reminded daily of where we both came from.  It's so fun to see our parents and grand parents at their happiest and to remember our special day as well.  I have a few more things I'd like to do to the photos but at least the frames are full and our children can see where they have come from {the skulls are just decor for the holidays, not a permanent fixture next to the wedding photos}.  It's also amazing to me that four of our grandparents are still living.  I love that my children are having an opportunity to know and learn from their Great Grandparents.  
What a wonderful blessing this is in our lives!
We also moved our bedroom around to make room for Mr. Max, or rather, I moved our bedroom around {that's a whole nother story}.  Not sure I'm crazy about the layout of it all, but this is what one side of the room looks like at the present.  We may end up moving it back, but it works for now.
I love my newish lamps.  Home Goods, Holla!
I've had them for a few months now and they seriously "brighten" my day {pun intended}!

I know there is lots more to show, but the new little one needs some of my lovin',
or is it the other way around?  Goodnight.


Kylee and Dustin said...

I saw your table in a different picture a week or two ago and wanted to ask you about it. Love it! along with so many other things. Might have to steal the tape measure idea....

Jill said...

You are so good at this crap--it's ridiculous. That table is cool.

Lindsay Rector said...

Cami! I LOVE LOVE your new decor! You have a natural eye and talent for it. And I love seeing your wedding wall finished. It's such a great idea....Now come to my house :) (and bring Tyler's wallet hahahaha!!)

onehm said...

DARLING...as usual! Way to go, lady!