Bingo Bango Bongo

As far as I know, the Dale kids came up with this game.  and once you start playing it you kind off have a hard time stopping.
So when you're driving in the car you can call yellow cars out.  The first car you say Bingo, the second Bango and the third Bongo.  Once you get to Bongo you get to slug someone.  Each car can only be counted once.  Whoever sees it first gets that car, and each person must each individually find all three before hitting someone {my sister Kiki was confused on this rule and hit me on my bongo}.

I felt as though I must explain this game as my son is in the car with different people who are not part of the family.  I'm sure he has confused many a driver with calling out Bingo about every three minutes while in a car.  More when it's time for school to let out {the buses, we let those count, some don't}{we also let any kids call any yellow car, no whining that so and so has called all of them, everyone can call every car, and no hitting in our car either.  I'm certainly not teaching Thomas that with all his little friends, way too many crying kids for me to do that}.

Anyway, it's silly but kind off fun.  And like I said I can't not recognize all the yellow cars on the road now.  It's fun, but can be a little distracting.

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