Fake Spend The Night

During the summertime it's inevitable that all of the cousin's will be spending a lot of night's over at each other's homes.  These cousins are all very close and love hanging out, ALL the time!  Anyway, like any other Sunday evening the little girls were begging their mom's to be able to spend the night at someone's house.  After asking ten times and being ignored finally Tyler chimed in and said "Spend the Night at our house on Tuesday night!" knowing very well that they all had school starting the next morning, therefore could not spend the night anywhere but in their own beds.  Every one laughed and went along their ways, of course the little girlies kept asking "can we? Can WE?".  Anyway, ha, ha funny Tyler.  End of story.

Well, here we were. 
Tuesday night. 
8:00 p.m. 
12 kids knocking on the door.  
jammies on. 
pillows in hand.  

so we had our 1st annual 
"fake spend the night back to school doughnut party"
The funniest part was that I had been prepped that everyone was coming, so I was working tirelessly trying to get the kids bathed, dishes done, house picked up and bottles ready before 8.  When the kids showed up Tyler had just gone into the bathroom in the back bedroom.  They all came running in screaming "spend the night!" but he heard nothing.  So I went to go and find him to tell him he needed to come out into the family room to see something.  He, a little annoyed, said "well, I'll be just a minute",  not knowing of anything that had been going on inside the house.  

So I gathered all the kids in one room and had them all pretend like they were sleeping.  Pillows and blankets were everywhere with kids scattered underneath them.  They were all keeping really quite {even lola} waiting patiently for Tyler to come out.  Finally, I got Tyler out and said you have to go and see what our kids are doing in the family room.  He thought nothing of it and went walking in to a big surprise.  He was shocked at how all of a sudden his house was full of rug rats, it was one for the books {or blogs}.

Thanks to all the sisters for making such fun memories and teasing Tyler so much.  
Lots of fun times with this crazy family!