Car Castle's

Tommy has rediscovered his "Cars" in a big way this summer.  He loves playing with them.  He drives them over every surface in the house.  Making little homes for them along the way.

So the other day while we were all crazy bored at home, I decided to build him a little castle for his cars.  I made all sorts of places for the cars to hide and park, sleep or even fill up with gas.  Whatever his imagination wanted.

Problem: as soon as we would complete one wing, Lola would somehow find a way to destroy it.  We learned to work fast and rebuild often.  I made her one that was destroyed before it was even played with.  Ahh, the life of a toddler.  Destruct everything and clap when your done. {of course, this makes Toms very irritated and doesn't help the whole "try to play with your sister" suggestion} But Thomas was surprisingly good to let Lola play and didn't seem to mind when she came for his castle to conquer and then destroy it!

{Lola going in for the kill}
Later that day after lunch I got a little crazy and made their handprints for Tyler's Birthday present from them.  Cause you know Tyler really cares about this kind off stuff {wink, wink}.

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Cynthia said...

Fun stuff! I LOVED playing with cars and creating 'homes' and roads and neighborhoods with them when I was a kid. I later became a City Planner! LOL! You never know, he may already be practicing for a future career which I guess would make Lola a tornado or hurricane or some other city-destroying force of nature.

I also like the pictures. Those will be treasured for years to come.