Maxwell J

What does $2,600.00 get you these days?
Oh, and this...
{I'm notorious for gathering as much free stuff as I possibly can.  It's kind off fun actually.  I think I gathered more this time then any of the previous deliveries.  Anytime the nurses shifts would change I'd clean out my stash and ask for more of everything.  Tyler would take a bag home with him every time he came to visit.  I figure I may as well get as much of this stuff as I can.  I'm paying enough for their services.}
Anyway, enough of that silliness!  We have a new baby boy!  Max!
{Trying to get a picture with all the kids together.  Not an easy task!}

After a week of going to bed every night thinking that I could go at anytime {hoping}, I never did and made it to Saturday when I was going to be induced.  We got ourselves ready and headed up to the hospital.  After getting settled and thinking for sure I was going to be at least at a 3 I found out I was barely at a one.  WTC?  So we started the process.  Luckily once we got things hooked up and going it didn't take long for me to get to where I needed to be.

Unfortunately, as I was resting and waiting for things to progress, I thought I had plenty of time to just push my epidural to reload a little.  Well, about a half hour after I refreshed the darn drugs, we realized that I was at a 9.5 and it was time for me to push.  I was so ticked off at myself because sure enough, I wasn't able to feel where I needed to push.  This is the same thing that happened during Tommy's delivery.  I was completely numb and felt like the only thing I was pushing was my brains out of my head.  Plus the epidural had moved up to my chest, making it very hard for me to get a good breath.  I felt like my lungs were numb.  It sucked!  Luckily, I only had to "push" for about 20 minutes before he was here.  I was so frustrated with myself and can't believe I did that again, but he was able to get here and everything was fine.

He weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces, my biggest one yet!  He was 2 pounds bigger then Lola.
That was a big boy!
The nurse couldn't get him to scream.  None of my kiddos scream when they come out.  It's weird but they are totally at peace.  Anyway, finally she got a few sounds out of him and was satisfied.  But he still has hardly cried.  He gets a little sad when changing his diaper for the fourth time in one hour, but besides that he's a great calm baby.  I'm spoiled like that.  I have good babies, I think the Lord knows that I can't handle the screaming, colic prone babies.  He gives them their feistiness at about one year
{ie: Lola Rose}.
Anyway, we stayed in the Hospital til Monday afternoon.  Max had lots of visitors and for the most part our nurses were great.  There was one tech who clearly needed to be in a different profession, but besides her we had very accommodating help.
Coming home was a little scary, and each day as I spend more and more time alone with each kid I get a little more nervous for the future weeks.  But no complete breakdowns yet.  Emphasis the YET!  I'm sure once things calm down and I'm supposed to have it all under control, I'll go completely out of control.  I call it in another week or so.  Possibly by the 30th.  That will be when it hits me.
{He looks so small in this big thing!}
Till then, things are good.  I've had lots of help from all the fam.  I've hardly even seen my other children since last week.  Tyler has been here for whatever I need!  He's such a wonderful help and does GREAT with the other kids and keeping up with the house stuff.  My Mom came over on Tuesday to clean my bathrooms, vacuum and change our sheets.  So Wonderful to have a freshly cleaned home!  Thanks Mom!  We've had dinner brought in to us all week.  Thank you Courtney, Abbie, Jill and Mandy.  It's all been so yummy!  I've had fun gifts dropped off for the little man, it's always so fun to get something new.  Even though we have more then any baby should ever need in the way of clothing!  I had so many clothes for Thomas, it's really a bit ridiculous!
{Happy Father's Day 2010!  This kids birthday will fall on Father's day a lot in his life!  
Photo By: Tommy}

About 20 minutes after arriving home from the Hospital, we were all sitting around in our bedroom talking and playing with the kids.  Lola was obviously happy, playing on the bed.  And...
Lola fell off the bed and into the end table.  She got a pretty good looking goose egg on her forehead.  Poor thing.  She since then has ran into a wall, bonked her head twice on the coffee table, and crashed from trying to walk about four times.  This sweet girl is really getting the bad end of the deal.  I feel so bad for her, but she gets over it and right back into the game.

Oh and I forgot to mention....
{Can you tell the difference? Scott on Left, Max on Right}
We actually had twins!  How crazy would that be?  This is Max's little companion in crime, just two weeks older.  Spencer and Tiff had a little baby boy too, Scotty.  What fun for these guys, I'm sure they will be big trouble someday, but right now they are so fun to see together.  Babies everywhere!

Wow, long post.
and still more to catch up on.
Til then, take care and wish me luck.
Keep my older children in your prayers that I won't sell them at some breaking point.  JK!!



Ondria said...

So cute! Glad you're getting lots of help. Hang in there. You'll do great.


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! He is adorable.

Everhart Family said...

Love all the free junk...it' the best! Well, not the best, but close! Max is a cutie!! I wonder if we had the same troll of a nurse? Welcome home! XOXO

☂niki said...

congrats cami! he is precious. it's funny that you posted spence and tiff's baby because when i first saw max i thought he looked like spencer.

good luck with everything!

onehm said...

He looks SO TEENY in that carseat!! :)
I posted one from tonight on my photo a day blog. Check it out:

Jenni said...

He's adorable! I am so happy for you.....and you can do 3 babies....it's a piece of cake! Did you believe me? I was lying....it's hard, but so totally worth it! :) Good luck and lots of HUGS!!!!

Kylee and Dustin said...

What a cute boy! Congratulations!

Tiffany said...

He is SO HANDSOME! I love that there is another Max in the family (hee hee)! Hopefully, sooner than later I will be able to meet your children! You keep have them sooner than I can get to Arizona :) Congratulations!!

ashley wright said...

congratulations!!!!!!!!!! he's so darling. Hope all is well :) good luck with everything!!

a&w wright :)

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

Congrats Wright family! What a beautiful baby boy and a darling little family you have. Can't wait to meet the little man.

Jeanette said...

Congratulations!!! Can't wait to meet him!