Tom Says...

...lots of funny things lately, but this was the kicker.
A few Saturday's ago we were taking the kids to my In-Laws for a little couple time and as we were getting ready to leave Tommy notices something.

He says "It's already dark out, how the Hell'd that happen?".  After a moment of trying {and failing} to compose myself I asked "wait, what did you say?"and he responded, "what the hell?".  NICE!  I am guessing we are watching too much of "The Sandlot".  He blamed that he learned it from his older cousin Clark, but he blames everything on Clark.  Whatever the case, it was pretty darn funny coming out of a three year old.

He has also within the past day or so learned how to open the refrigerator door and the car door {from the outside of the car}.  I've counted my blessings every day that this didn't come sooner.  Already today he's open and shut the fridge like 10 times.  Stink.

He also says, "not my fault" or "I didn't make this mess"often!  In Target the other day he was looking at the fruit snacks stacked on the low shelf.  I started to walk away and he re-stacked the ones he had taken off.  As he walked away one of the boxes fell down, he looked back and replied "Not my fault" and kept walking.  Needless to say, he DID end up having to put the box back in it's proper place on the shelf.

Tyler asked him one day if he was poopie {yes, he is still in diapers}.  His response "No, are you?".

I know there are a million other little things but for now this is what I can remember.  I love this kid!


Cynthia said...

I love the 'no, are you?' answer- you're REALLY going to be in for it during the teen years if his comebacks are that good already.

As for the cussin', by boy used to say "Oh Sit!" when I was driving. I pretended he meant 'sit' as in sit down. Unfortunately there is no cousin Clarke for me to blame. I see the bleepity bleep woman who inadvertently taught him to cuss whenever I look in the mirror!

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Jamie Hunt said...

love love love this! Kids say the best things....the other day mindy asked Grace if she wanted to talk to Aunt Jamie on the phone and she yelled at the top of her lungs.. "No! I'm Being SHY!" Too funny!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Love this post! Hope you are doing well. Let me know when we can get together!