6 Months, already!

Wow, time flies. I can't believe Lola is already 6 months old. She is growing so fast.

She got two of her bottom teeth about two weeks ago, she's rolling over a lot, sleeping in her own room, giggling all the time and just adding so much joy to our home. She is also getting pretty chunky. She's up to 18 pounds, and it's all in her thighs. I am just in love with her little smile and sweet loves she gives to everyone she meets.
{except Tiff, for some reason she cries when Tiff holds her. I think it's just a fluke, but it's kind off become the family joke now. Poor Tiff, I promise it's not you!}
I'm so glad she's mine!!!!
{she got her first scratch in between her eye's, I think it's time to trim her nails, again!}
& so is Tommy!
{don't pay attention to Toms outfit, that's what he wanted to sleep in, crazy kid!}
Here are a few fun pictures of her in the past month or so.
{Getting ready for church.
wow, I really need a new camera, this is not clear at all, sorry!}
{Hanging out in her Jumper}
{Enjoying lunch with Grandma Ro}
{Spending some quality time with her brother}
{Sleeping in the cutest position's on the couch, she sleeps anywhere, I love it!}
{making the best scrunchy face, ever!}
{Enjoying her first bath with Toms}
Photobucket{Making new friends}
{and just being happy!}

Lola Rose, we are so glad you are a part of our lives, I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings for you.
We love you and Happy 6 Month Birthday! You are getting so big, stop growing so fast.


Shanna said...

Oh Cami, Lola is a doll!! She is such a cutie! Her sweet little smile brightened my day! Little girls are such fun! What a fun age!

Kristy said...

Her and Tommy don't even look like Brother & sister, it cracks me up! I love that girl, little chubbers...

Jen said...

Lola is just too stinkin cute!
I love the scrunchy face :)

Ashley said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! WOW!!!

Sheri said...

Lola in that little dress and hat is the cutest thing ever.

Jillian said...

what a doll. i absolutely LOVE this age!

Jamie Hunt said...

Sooooooo cute! What a doll you have? (Two little dolls actually!)

Erika said...

She is soooo stinkin cute!

Micah and Jen said...

WOW! Really, 6 months? She is just toooo adorable for words! And that scruncy face.....sooooo stinkin' cute! I just want to reach through my computer screen and eat her up!

Becky said...

What beautiful children! You picked the perfect name for Lola as she is a little rosebud :) And they do grow too quick, huh!