Kids Say The Darnedest...

{Toms playing at the pool yesterday}

Alright, this kid is getting way too smart for his own good. Today, I needed him to start cleaning up his toys before he went to his cousins house for a play date. I said "Toms, it's time to clean up this mess before you can leave." He answers "I can't, my back hurts." WHAT? I nearly blew chicken salad out my nose it was so funny. Where did he hear that? I can see him saying that his head was hurting, because I know I say that all the time, but his back? Hilarious! He really is too much!

Then we were watching TV and someone said "S.O.B.", only the whole phrase. He totally started to repeat it. Whoops! No more "30 Rock" in the living room. Luckily Tyler reverted his attention to something else and he forgot all about it. Not good. With all our luck he'll remember it in Nursery or something. Good times.

Then a few minutes later he was playing with something I was crafting and I told him to stop standing on it because it was going to break. He looked over at me after saying no many times and said "No it won't, stupid". Not cool! He went right to time out for that one. I went to tell Tyler what he did and Tyler asked "Well, were you being stupid? What a pill. Like father like son I guess. Anyway, it was a bit comical but also so wrong. What am I gonna do with this kid? It's gonna be a very interesting childhood for him and for us to experience. He will certainly keep it interesting.

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Kristy said...

I am dying, what a pill. I love that kid!