Easter Weekend

I've found a little more time tonight to blog, yeah!!!  So here's what happened last weekend.

Friday night we went to Phoenix to enjoy the evening at the park with my family.  It was crazy cold with the wind blowing like crazy, but still lots of fun!

There is this huge hill where we all took turns riding down on bikes, skateboards and plasma cars.  Very fun!  Here's a little clip of some of the action.
Thanks for planning such a fun evening Kristy!


Hale Yes!! said...

This is the first I have seen pictures of Lola (I have not been on here for a while)!!! She is so so beautiful, but I would not have expected any less because you guys are all good lookin'!! I hope things are going well and I miss seeing you guys every week in nursery!! I am in nursery with Jackson now.

Ketsy said...

I love this picture of the three of you. What a cute family!