Her First Week Home...

was pretty good considering what my body had just been through.  I am still trying to adjust to the lack of sleep.  But you expect that, I guess.  My emotions are all tangled up in one big heap of a mess.  I don't know what to feel right now with all this.  I love having Lola here, but I miss my old routine with Toms and just hanging out with him.  Then, I love hanging out with Lola but then I feel guilty for leaving Toms behind.  It really sucks!  Hopefully I'll work everything out soon before I drive myself and everyone around me crazy!
On a lighter side, I am SO grateful for all the help I've been receiving from my family and especially Tyler's family.  We are So incredibly blessed to have all of our family so close and so willing to help out all the time.  I don't know how I could make this all work without all the great help!
So let's get on to some fun pictures of the first week home.
First, we have the morning going into the hospital.  All day Thursday I had been having contractions.  They weren't horrible, but I knew they were starting the labor process.  So when I woke up Friday morning in more pain I figured it was time to go and see what was happening.  I didn't want to continue feeling this pain, so I wanted to get going to get that epidural hooked up!  The nurse thought it was so cute that I wanted her to take our picture before I changed into the ugly hospital gown.  One last picture of being prego.
After about 8 hours of being in labor at the Hospital, we had a sweet baby girl!  I only had to push for about a half an hour {Fantastic!}, and this time I could feel what I was pushing.  With Toms my epidural was so strong that I couldn't feel anything.  That made it very difficult to push him out, but with her I could feel that I needed to push and when and where.  It was much better!  She was 6 pounds 9.8 ounces and 20 inches long.  She cried a little but not terribly.  and she was just so cute and sweet!  & LITTLE!  Such a little peanut!
Kristy brought her camera with her so we were able to get some great shots of her right after birth.  Look at those darling little toes.  I love that pic!
Toms was so excited to meet his new little sister!
I LOVE the look on his face here.  Pure Joy!
Yes, I know, not the best picture of me, but hey, I just had a kid for crying out loud!  I look a lot better this time then I did when I had Toms.  Man, those were some bad pictures after that delivery!
I stayed two nights in the Hospital, it was great.  I love that I can have the nurses take the baby at night so I can sleep.  I got a little spoiled.  When I came home I immediately wanted to go back.  Here is a pic of my bedside table.  All the necessities!
I made it home on Sunday.  That night we had all my family over for dinner and to see the new addition.  It was a little crazy with all 17 of them in the house, but I liked having them close.  That night was a little stressful but manageable.  Monday night was a little worse and Tuesday night was flat out awful.  By Wednesday night she had gotten herself into her own little routine and things were much better.  Thank goodness!
Here are some of the first pictures we took of her being home.  Look at those little bird legs.  So funny!  What a peanut!
Toms seriously can't seem to get enough of her.  He wants to sit right next to here wherever we are.  He loves his new little playmate.
Kickin' back in the car seat for a little R&R.  I love the crossed legs.
I Love that last shot.  So sweet sleeping the day away.  I can't believe how much she looks like Toms when he was a baby.
Pictures of the first bath.  Aunt Hope's specialty!  She loves coming over and giving each new born their very first bath.  Be my guest, they are way too small for me to want to try that.  She's such a wonderful Aunt.  So glad we have her around to help out!
All clean!
And ready to eat!!!
So even though these past week's have been challenging, of course it's all worth it!  I've been having the Baby Blues a lot more with her then after I had Toms.  I am finding it hard to juggle my time between Lola, Toms, Tyler and Me.  It's a tough one!  But we are working through it!  I am just now starting to get the hang of it.  I still call someone for help almost every day but I'm not ashamed of that.  I figure I'll take the help right now while I can get it!  While I have an excuse, ya know.
Anyway, sorry about the lack of posting, but I think you understand!  I hate not being able to take some "Me" time during the day to check my e-mails and blog a little, but I know eventually I'll find time for it again.  This eating every three hours thing is very time consuming!  I think I remember that it gets better?  Right?  Hopefully I won't go too crazy before that time.
Till next time, have a great day!  Oh and I had the wonderful opportunity to get some pictures taken of Lola from the ever amazing Ashley.  Go HERE to check them out.  They turned out so darn cute!  I can't wait to get some printed for the house!
Take care!


DAN, LISSA, & CAM said...

Those are some awesome pictures. I love the picture of Tyler introducing Toms to Lola with your mom's expression in the background! Priceless!

Hang in there, you're doing great:)

Ashley said...

congratulations, she is beautiful and I adore that name, it was on our list of fav names. She was a little peanut. you will get back to yourself soon, never fear.

linda said...

Oh, she is beautiful Cami. Don't worry things will get easier. Take time for yourself also, I know it is hard but it all falls into place. Glad you have such a great supportive family. Love you lots!

Micah and Jen said...

Oh Cami she is so beautiful!!! And tiny! Isn't it crazy to have a tiny little thing!!! I am so glad you posted....I have been checking every day! And don't worry, you will get the hang of two. I always tell everyone, if you can do 2 you can do 12! :) HUGS!

Tiffany said...

She's wonderful, Cami! So little and lovely. I LOVE the pic with Toms sitting next to her on the couch...his facial expression is priceless! Take care of yourself and when you're ready and able we can't wait to see more of her!

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

I hear you on your roller-coaster emotions. I'm not even pregnant yet but I get so anxious thinking about another baby, and how will I make time for both Savannah and the new baby? And again, NOT even pregnant yet! I can only imagine what you're feeling. Lola is such a cute baby. Does she really look like Toms as a baby? I don't see much resemblance to Toms now? But I'm sure as mommy you see much more than the rest of us! Oh and blogging can wait, you just get some sleep!

Cynthia said...

She's beautiful- just like her Mama. Enjoy her. Those photos ALMOST make me want to go back to those days- almost! Good thing we added two new babies to our extended family last month so I can get my baby fix. I'll throw out the 'sleep when the baby sleeps' advice just to make you laugh because we all know what a joke that can be when you have other kids. I hope you're back to full- steam in short order.

Heather said...

beautiful Cami!! I'm sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed. I hope you find a routine that feels good to you soon...

Ashley said...

Oh Cami! She's gorgeous and Im jealous that your mommy to a sweet little girl!!!

Fowler Farm said...

Great pictures! I am so glad everything went well. It is hard adjusting with a new little one. I still haven't adjusted to all mine and I always feel like I am not doing enough. It is so hard to divide your time. You are going to do so well. She sure is beautiful. Sorry I missed your shower. I really wished I could have been there. I hope it was great. Talk to you later