My To Do List

I've got a list that goes on FOREVER of things I'd like to get done before this sweet baby comes, so I've been working on checking all the random little things off.
Here's what I've done so far.
Organize my Junk Drawer in the Kitchen:
PhotobucketOrganize and clean the Kitchen Cabinets:
PhotobucketMake this cute floral arrangement out of stuff I already had {just wanted to get it done, one of those things that have been on the list forever!}:
PhotobucketVacuum all the little nooks and cranny's around the house, including:
  • laundry room floors and in between the washer & dryer
  • cleaning closet floors
  • pantry floor
  • front entryway closet
  • cabinets
  • fireplace
  • front entryway
I've also been working on gathering all the random stuff we don't need anymore to have a little "Friends" yard sale.  I've actually got a lot of stuff so hopefully I'll be having everyone over to dig through it all soon.
There are actually 4 of these chairs, and 2 arm chairs.
I have a lot of random purses, here are just a few.
Lots of home decor, including this vintage poster.
These are lamp shades and some pillow covers.  Each brand new, they never worked for what I wanted them to.  Also a lot of fun clocks.
This is a pic of a lot of the stuff I've been gathering.  I also have a whole closet full of old clothes from when I was a little skinny mini.  I figured I'll never be that small again so I may as well sell the fun clothes I have before they are completely out of style.
I've also been working like crazy on "The Book".  
PhotobucketEvery year Tyler's cousin has me make each of her girls a scrapbook of their lives.  A different girl each year.  This year Ali, the daughter I am on {who happens to be a good friend} has so much stuff that I am actually making TWO scrapbooks for her.  I finished the first one for Christmas and am supposed to have the second one done by Valentine's, but I'm not sure that's gonna happen.  Like I said I'm working like crazy to get it done.  This is a big part of the list!
I also made a guest sign in book for a good friend who's husband suddenly passed away.  It turned out very nice and she was so grateful, here's a picture of the outside:
I've also been collecting all sorts of goodies for the babies room.  This:
Photobucketis from my mom's house.  I plan on painting it and hanging it somewhere in the babies room.  Probably over the crib.
I also wanted to get my front entryway table decorated, I usually change it out with each season but I don't see that happening for awhile so at least it has something neutral til I get back on my feet:
PhotobucketAs well as my Kitchen buffet done:
PhotobucketWhile working all this fun stuff I found Toms laying in front of the TV like this:
PhotobucketSilly Kid!  He's so great to let me work while he just sits and watches his shows.  I also took a few moments to clean and organize all his toys, again!  It seems like that needs to happen all the time.  It never gets taken off the list, like laundry and dishes.  Always something that needs to be done.
WOW, this was a very LONG post!!!  Hope some of you made it to the end.  Wish me luck because my list is still very long, and I'm praying I can get the energy up to finish it all.  Have a wonderful day, and...
also, let me know if you are interested in being invited to the "House Sale" when I have it.  The more the merrier!!!!


Tiffany said...

Yes please to the yard sale. All of that stuff is so cute. And I totally have the redecorating bug. So let me know and I am there.

Tiffany said...

Wish I were closer, I'd love to go to one of your yard sales and visit with all the fam. Miss everyone!!

Andrea said...

WOOHOOO!! You go girl!! You're getting all organized & spring clean! Hmmm now I'm thinking I need to get a few things done on my Looooooong list of things to do!

Crystal Star said...

Please let me know when the house sale is. In fact notify me for the relatives only presale :)

Sheri said...

Isn't nesting wonderful.

Rich and Miriam said...

Couple things...I was reading your to do list on your side bar - I LOVE my double stroller. It is a Maclaren side by side. Pricey, but well worth it. I had the peg parego (sp?) side by side and it only lasted a year before it was totally trashed. Let me know if you need more info. Also, I would love to know about the house sale! :) Hope you are feeling well!

Becky said...

WOW! You're amazing!! I wish my brain thought half as organized as yours. Also, I would LOVE to come to your House Sale or "Mimi's Boutique". Hope yours was a happy Valentines :) And so excited to meet your baby soon!

Ashley said...

I love all your decor pics...you amaze me! Where did you get those cute bell-jar-cover thingies>?

Rusty and Jacquie said...

yes! please can I be invited!! we all know you have cute stuff...I'll bring CASH!! haha...

Jami said...

hi cami, its Jami Pitts again (the crazy girl that loves your binky clips).
Well I just wanted to say that if you have a yard sale, that I would really love to hear about it!
Good luck with the nursery...I am IN LOVE with that line at Target!

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