My Nursery Wish List

I'd like 2 or 3 of THESE for the floor in the nursery.  This is the line of products we used for her curtains.  I love how bright and cheerful it all is!
I've wanted THIS clock ever since I worked at Anthropologie.  I'd love to display it in her room.

I could always use some cute HOOKS for the bedroom.  Gotta love Anthro for that kind off stuff!

THESE are more wall decals.  I think they would look darling behind frames or something.  Maybe even her name spelled out in the middles?

Of course I have been eyeing THIS fun poster for months now.  Also, maybe I would put it somewhere else in the house.  They are just fun and cute!

THIS isn't a very cute picture but it is something I want.  A customized changing pad cover.  I'd love to get it to match my curtains.
Uhm, Duh-arling!  I think THIS chandelier is too cute!  If it won't go in the baby's room I want it for my laundry room!

I actually want 2 of THESE for either side of the window in her room.
Are you kidding me with THIS fun bedding?  So bright and cheerful.  I think it's darling but I'm not sure it's quite me.  I thought I'd add it to the list non-the-less.

You are gonna die when you figure out what THIS is.  It's a Mobile.  How darling is that?  Another fun find.

THIS cute little print, whoo doesn't love this?

I SO want THIS for her room!  It's a little ottoman, how cute!

With THIS cute thing I would actually want the drum set, and it would be for Toms room, not the baby's.  They are wall decals that you can draw on with chalk.

THESE are so fun, I've seen them all over and have wanted them for awhile.  
THIS fun baby bedding is just too cute but SO expensive.  I can't believe how much they want for a baby's crib set.

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Becky said...

Girl, you know how to find the cute goods! Love it all!! This will be one lucky baby girl;)