Word Of The Year!

I have chosen the word.......
Wait for it....
*    my life    *
my undertakings {Craft Projects, Work, Anything not focused on my family}
the house {Getting rid of all the clutter, and keeping it out!}
stress levels {try to alleviate some of my stress by not bringing it on myself}
my goals {so I don't fail all of them, but maybe succeed in one or two.}
parties? {this one is still questionable!}
money issue's {Trying not to spend as much, and sticking to our budget}
Basically by simplifying all the activities and stresses I have outside the home, it will 
hopefully make my life within the home more of a priority.
Does that make sense?  
Oh well, it does to me!
What is your focus this year?


Ashley said...

WOW- that sounds like a great idea! My word is *Believe* Happy New Year!

sarah said...

getting back to the basics by simplification can be nothing but good. i can't wait to see how it goes.

this year i want to "do." i spend too much time in my head, i want to get outside of the introspection more.

here's to 09!

Ashley said...

My word for this year is "enjoy".
Hey, have you ever read the book "SIMPLIFY-A Guide to Caring for the Soul"? It's by Carolyn J. Rasmus. You can get it through Deseret Book. It's really good. Here's a peak:
L-Let Go
Anyway, might be a good way to start your new year!!

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

I love the idea of simplifying. I am constantly trying to simplify life and it is wonderful. Except I never plan fabulous parties like you do. My word for the year is "cherish", as in cherish every moment, because life is going by too quickly!

Micah and Jen said...

Oh this is a good one for you....but I don't think you can do it on the parties! :) Even if you do they would still be the most spectacular parites ever!!! my word is RELAX....I love this idea! :)