Saturday's "BIG" Project

So last Saturday Tyler gets the motivation up to clean out the whole garage.  Yeah!!!  It's something that's needed to be done since we moved in.  We have never parked both cars in the garage before and Tyler was determined to get them both in there.  After about 4 hours or so our dream became a reality.
TaDa!  We got both of them in.  We still have a few misc. things that go in certain places in the house but for the most part we clean and organized everything else to be exactly where it needs to go.  What a great feeling this was, for both Tyler {for all his hard work} & me, for being able to enjoy the organization of it all.
Well, Sunday was great, then Monday he was so thrilled with having his car in the garage in the morning before leaving for work.  It didn't have frost on the windows and was actually bearable to drive to work.
But then came Tuesday morning.
Tyler was leaving early to be at a meeting, I was up getting a bowl of cereal.  He left to go to his meeting and goes into the garage to open the door and head off & he push's the door opener and nothing.  It has broken somehow between the night before and that morning.
All that work and now both of our cars are stuck in the garage.
Finally he was able to prey it open while I was pushing the garage door opener, he was forcing it up.  He was working against the motor which was pushing it down each time, so I'm surprised he didn't get a hernia or seriously hurt his back while doing it.
Anyway, we moved both of our cars out and haven't been able to get it open since.  Nice!  & a new garage door is seriously NOT in the budget!  So oh well, at least it's clean.  It makes for a great open space for Toms to ride his bike.
Anywho, it's been the funny story around our house for the past couple of days, so I thought I'd pass the hilariousness on.


onehm said...

NO WAY! I wondered why you were parking in the driveway!! LOL. Well at least you can let Toms loose in there with his bikes and he can ride with no obstructions, right??

Rich and Miriam said...

So frustrating! I am sure you have figured this out, but if you pull the red cord hanging down from the motor, it makes the door a manual door you can easily open and close. Rich does this in the mornings when he is leaving early and we don't want our loud garage door motor waking up the kids. Good luck!

amy said...

Who knew Tyler was so strong?

Micah and Jen said...

YAY for you guys! We haven't even attempted to dig out our garage since we moved in....it's our storage unit really!

MaMaMaMandy said...

Talk about ironic! Isn't a clean garage just the best!! We got some of those overhead storage things in our garage and they are totally a heavensend! Sorry about your garage door opener though!