Last Night

We invited my In-Laws over for dinner.  Whenever I actually make something decent I usually invite my In-Laws over to eat because there is always more then enough for all of us.  Hope came also and we had a nice dinner while Toms was deciding to be his crazy self and scream the whole time.
After dinner Hope {yaya} decided to give Toms a bath in the kitchen sink.  He's a bit big for the sink but it was so cute.
PhotobucketAnyway, he loves taking baths and he loves his Aunt Hope spoiling him too, so it was a perfect combination.  Afterwards he comes out looking like this...
Could he BE any cuter? {said in Chandler fashion}
Let's be serious! {said in Lenor fashion, you have to know her}
Anyway, I just LOVE this pic of him, he did not want his picture taken and this depicts so many of his moods lately.  I love it.
Thanks Yaya for getting him all clean and ready for bed.  The rest of the evening was spent watching "The Office", "30 Rock" and doing a little online shopping.  I spent about 2 hours at Macy's yesterday trying to find something to buy with a Gift Card I got for Christmas and I came home with nothing.  So I had a little more luck online.
Have a great day!


amy said...

He's so dang cute. I love babies after baths (even if they are two years old)!

Webb Family said...

That is so cute!
What a wonderful Aunt to do all that. I hate getting my kiddos ready for bed.

Micah and Jen said...

he is pretty darn cute! :)