Time Flies

I've had all the right intentions on posting every day this week, but you know how it goes.
Some of the highlights of the week:
We just barely turned our heater on yesterday.
Wednesday night we spent the evening at my mom's house with all my siblings getting all the food ready for her annual Christmas party tonight.  It's fun seeing everyone and just hanging out and having a good time together.  On the way home my brother Jimmy told me to stop by his house to see what he had up.  He had made this Christmas Darth Vader statue.  It's so cool, he is such an amazing artist.  Sorry it's not the best picture but it was so cool!
Tyler & I made goodies for all the neighbors and they have turned out so cute.  I'm waiting to deliver them until I finish my Christmas Cards.  Hopefully tomorrow sometime, or Sunday, that's a good Sunday activity.
I had a fun class on Tuesday night.  It was my Christmas Banner class.  They all turned out so cute!
I've been working on invitations for a small dinner party we are throwing for some of Tyler's MBA friends this next weekend.
Lots a grocery shopping, that reminds me, I need to go today too!
A few different photo shoots for Christmas pics.
If you follow OneHM's blog then you've seen THIS hilariousness! 
Lots of time on the computer and Toms watching Pixar movies.  Poor little guy will be so happy when I start playing with him again.
Monday night my In-Laws took all the adults out to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.  Yum!  Although they didn't have what I wanted {they were out} I tried something new.  There is so much to choose from.  It was a nice evening out with just the adults.  Then we headed over to Toys'R'Us to check out any deals.  We did get toms some new jammies and pants.
Still working on getting all the Christmas Decor up.  By the time I get it all done it will be time to take it down.  Silly!
Taking some time off to make a few LO's.  Nothing is finished yet.
Working HARD on a BIG scrapbook for a friend.  I did one last year for her sister and now it's her turn to get one for Christmas.  They take forever to do but it's so fun and rewarding in the end.  I need to make 5 pages a day til Christmas to finish it.  Wish me luck!!
Anyway, that's all I can think about right now, hope you have a great weekend.


Becky said...

Love the Darth Vadar Santa pic! So funny! But the shot with Santa is even more precious. Ashley does such a great job.

Anonymous said...

The invites turned out SO cute! We are excited to see everyone next weekend. :)

Andrea said...

oh my gosh! That Darth Santa is hilarious!!! I'm going to tell Ben about it, he'll love it!

SUPER CUTE pics with Santa!