Twilight Premiere

Alright, so I know there are MANY of you out there who are obsessed with this movie, and are counting down the days till it opens.  
Well, my friend Molly and her Sister Tangie are toying with the idea of renting out a Theatre for the premiere on Thursday night's midnight showing at the Mesa AMC off of Stapley.  You in?  They are trying to see how many peeps they can get to go in on it with them to make it easier for all of us to see the movie and NOT have to wait in lines.  Plus you'll get to see the movie in a theatre full of fun friends.  So go HERE and leave Molly a comment letting her know if you are interested and how many tickets you want and let's make this happen.
I myself am looking forward to seeing a movie period.  It's been SO long since I've gone to the movie's, I don't really care what I see, just as long as I get to get out of the house and escape into a movie for two hours.  Even if it is at midnight.  Hey, I'm just getting started at that time of night anyway.
Hope to see you there!!!

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