How insanely cute is this?  I seriously need money for new clothes right now.  Just hearing Christmas music makes me want to go shopping, how sad is that?
Anyway, what are you doing today?  I've got Gigantor over playing with Toms.  There's lots of Toms screaming "MINE" going on.  That little stinker.   This new baby sister is really going to throw a wrench into his plans, and mine.  I've been thinking about how crazy 2 kids is gonna be and I don't think I'm ready.  Now, I know that MANY of you out there have even more then that, but for me I'm still a little scared that I won't be able to handle it all.  Maybe if I had a maid or a nanny a few days a week, but who can afford that?  Anyway, she's kicking a ton right now, it's so fun to feel her moving around, it really makes it so real to me.  I am dying to start on her room!!!  Once I get that in order I'll feel a lot more prepared.
Have a great Monday!!!  I am also SO looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner!!!  YUM!!!!  I'm gonna make a royal pig of myself!


Becky said...

Working on a boring research report over here. That dress looks like you! Two kids is harder, but at least there are still two adults in the house--one for each kid. It is a bit harder when the adults are outnumbered. But not so hard I would say not to have any more :-). I would have another one if I could!

onehm said...

THANK YOU for watching Gigantor Monday. He had so much fun! And I loved the time with my mom. You are a great friend.
Love that dress, it's fab.
2 was crazy for me, I know you'll be a great mama to this new little one~ she's lucky to come to your family. And Toms will be great. It may be a bit of an adjustment at first, but he's gonna LOVE HER!!

Fowler Farm said...

Cute calendar. When are you due again? You are going to do a great job with two. I bet she'll grow up to be as cute and creative as you. Then again you never know. My mom is miss creativity and I didn't get any of that from her. Happy thanksgiving