Saturday's Blissfest!

Don't forget to stop by this weekend for tons of fun and great shopping!  Hope to see you there.  Go HERE for more info!


TUTU Monkey said...

I stopped by your shop at Blissfest today........you are very talented. I hope you didn't roast.....:)

Congratulations on your baby girl and enjoyed your blog!!


Andrea said...

I just had to go & brought my kiddos too! Glad they had some fun games for them to play! I was amazed how many people were there! Oh and your booth was so darling!!!

Lizard said...

Ok, so Hope does not like Coco. Marilyn says it was Aunt Mel's dog's name. :( So it's out, according to them. Hope says, the baby should be named...well, .... HOPE. And is it Astrid or Astird? :)

domestic bliss said...

okay Cami- I am dying to see if you and Tangie got any cute pictures and see how you did- I am so bummed that I did not get a chance to shop more- boohoo- lets have another one- Jk!!! Not yet anyways!