What a fun day!  I hit 30,000!  Thanks to everyone who made this possible. {Tee, Hee}

...& Congrats to Cicily for being the 30,000th hit.  I'll be trying to think up your prize all day.  Something very special!!!  I can see it now!  I'll let everyone know what when I figure out what "it" is!

Also, the other contest are still going strong.  I still need a few more followers to get a prize from me.  Who doesn't love prizes???  Come on, only a few spots left before the 15 mark.  
Also, leave me a comment on what you think I will be having, a boy or a girl.  I'll do something fun for those who guess correctly. 

Have fun and a great day!

Oh, yeah!  Happy Birthday Kristy!  My sweet sis, I love you and admire your strength and ability to do all that you do!  You are truly my best friend and I hope for nothing but the best for you.  
Have a wonderful day even if you have to drag the kids to a bunch of Dr's appointments 
....and then deal with them while Jon works late, 
........and then go to his office to clean it to make some extra money, 
...........and then come home and try to get the kids to sleep while Macy won't sleep at the right times.  
...............and then try to sleep even though your body aches and your worried about Macy.
I love you, and why don't we just say your Birthday is tomorrow and have some great fun then!?!?!

Love ya, and maybe I'll be a wonderful sis and bring you a piece of Mint Chocolate Chip Birthday Cake from 31!  My Favorite!  Or at least a scoop of Pink Bubblegum!  Who knows!!!!!  I'm may be just that generous!

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to Jill, too!!!  How fun that you both share the same Birthday!!!  Hope it's grand!  and that your darn cold goes away!!!


Cicily said...

I look forward to prize time!! Hooray!

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

my guess is another BOY!

Vanessa said...

I believe Im follower number 15. I actually got here from Jills blog too. I look forward to reading your blog and browsing your archives!

Andrea said...

WOW 30,000! You are super mega popular!!! Ok and I finally caved! I haven't hopped on the *follower* bandwagon, but finally did & you're the first one I clicked to follow!

Crazymamaof6 said...

hey! you HOT MOMMA YOU! i spotted ya there today! YAY!

congrats on 30,000 plus hits! that's awesome!