Craft Night

So yesterday I worked all day on trying to get some projects done that I've been meaning to do.  I need to get my schedule up for November at the Studio and I've been wanting to do an Advent Calendar for years.  I decided it would be such a fun class to teach so I worked all day long to get it done and this was the finished product.  It turned out so fun!  Ya think?  I also needed to work on my Niece's Baptism book for this coming Sunday.  The picture on the top right is what a HUGE mess of crafting makes when I'm in the zone!  I know it was probably killing Tyler, but I need to clean it all up today anyway, I'm throwing a baby shower for one of my best friends tonight.  Anyway, gotta get working on that now, but wanted to share my fun new toys with everyone.
Crafting With Mi
The Advent Calendar class will be offered at The Blissful Living Studios sometime in November.  Sign up and join me for a fun day of crafting!!!
(Note: I realize I am not the best picture taker so pardon the poor representation.)


Cicily said...

Love it, I would definitely sign up for that class. You will make the calendar for me, right? :)

lindsey said...

i want to make one of those. where do i sign up? and how much are they?

Jenni C. said...

Very cute! I love that you teach all of the fun classes. I wish I was there to partake in all the loveliness. Morganne is turning 8 next month and is getting baptized. I would love to make her a fun book, (of course it won't be half as cute as yours), but what kind of glue do you use for your book...if you don't mind me asking?

JP said...

Check out who I am voting for.

michelle said...

I LOVE the Christmas calendar!!! You are so talented!