Happy Birthday Mom!

Well, yesterday was my Mother-In-Laws 60th birthday!  All of her daughters and D.I.L. decided that she would want to spend the whole day together.  So we started the day at Crackers for some breakfast.  Then headed over to The Orange Patch for a little window shopping.  Then decided to go to Home Goods to look around.  Then it was off to Old Navy and lastly they all went to the Movies to see Mamma Mia.  I ended up going home because I had a horrible Migraine.  So I went to pick up Toms and head home for a little snooze.  

Later we all got back together, this time with all the boys to go out to dinner.  Thanks to American Transporter we were able to ride in style in a pimped out Escalade.  We went to Don & Charlies for dinner and had such a blast on the way.  Hope brought her Mamma Mia soundtrack to listen to on the car drive over and below I have a picture of Dane trying to figure out the CD system while lying on the floor.  Silly!  We decided to give Mom her gift before we got to the restaurant.  We all pitched in and was able to buy her one of Mark Mabry's "Reflections Of Christ" Prints.  They are stunning, each photograph.  I can't wait til I can afford one.  She absolutely loved it, it was the perfect gift for her!
Mom's 60th!
When we arrived at the restaurant there was this nasty thing that they served on the table's as a dip for the bread.  We couldn't seem to figure out what it was, so Tiff decided to try it.  She still wasn't sure what it was.  So then Jeff tried it and knew right away that it was Liverwurst.  GROSS!  I thought Tiff was going to loose it right there!  She was so grossed out that she had actually eaten that.  Besides that part of the meal, everything else was way yummy.  I split the Halibut with Marilyn and then had Creme Brulee for Dessert.  My FAVORITE!!!  Then we headed back home.  Toms was at the Dale's house so when we stopped there Toms was able to ride back to Granny & Papa's in the "Yimow".  He was so unsure of it.  He just sat on Papa's lap and would not move a muscle.  It was so funny.

It was such a fun day, celebrating her 60th Birthday.  Hope you had a happy day and now we are going to need to try and top this next year.  We should start planning now I guess.  Love you Mom, and Happy Birthday!


Erika said...

Wow! What a day and what a celebration. Love that you guys all cruised around in a limo-escalade.

Soooo.....is Mark Mabry selling those prints? Where can I find out more about that?!

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Marilyn! I loved seeing you guys again...looks like your day was spectacular!

Mikelle said...

Wow! You guys know how to party! I bet she had a great day...well deserved, too.

Andrea said...

WOW!! What a fun & stylin' way to par-tay!!! Sounds like a fabulous day! Oh and I just aw Mamma Mia too! Totally LOVED it!!

I am so Jealous!!! I LOVE those prints of Christ!! I'm with you on that...one day I'd like to afford one too!!! I bet she was in love with her sweet present!

Cason & Darci said...

Hi there!

I stumbled upon your blog from the Blissful Living Studio (I'm hoping to fly to AZ in the spring for one of your digital scrapbooking classes!).

Just curious if you could recommend any great tutorials/online classes in the meantime? Also, any recommendations for a great blog designer?

Thanks in advance!!!