Today we were having a VERY lazy day around the house, so I decided instead of taking a shower that we would go outside and play in the hose.  Toms loved it and didn't want it to end.  I just LOVE little toddlers with only a diaper on.  It doesn't get any cuter then that!  

{Note: We finally took a shower at 5:30.  Like I said, we were very lazy today!}


Tassi Smith said...

That is not being lazy. Lazy is sitting in front of the TV ignoring your child. Toms had fun with his mommy. You should feel good for the day you had. I also agree about the diaper thing. Love their cute little thighs.

Cicily said...

I'm glad you had a lazy day, but we missed you all the same. I love the picture where he's trying to drink the water, awesome.

molly said...

We love playing in the hose around here too! Tommy looks adorable, love all the pics!